What Does Gentle Procedures Offer?

Join our team for world class surgical training and the support needed to grow your clinic into a thriving and expanding business.

Benefits of Joining Gentle Procedures Clinic:

Become the local expert in two commonly requested procedures

Meticulous hands-on surgical training with our team

Complete marketing and operations support to grow your business

Fulfilling career, improved lifestyle, finanical rewards

What does the physician receive with the Gentle Procedures program?

A turnkey package including :

• Surgical training for both circumcision and vasectomy
• Staff training
• Marketing program – including web marketing
• Clinic site selection, if required
• Turnkey administrative set up
• Equipment and medical supplies
• Pricing strategy specific to your region
• Support network of your peers

The Opportunity for You

Our goal is to help doctors provide world class surgical care for patients and to make it as easy as possible for them to create a very successful practice. Our offering is unique in the quality of the surgical training and in the provision of marketing and business support.

Doctors benefit from this because they “hit the ground running,” meaning they are trained to a very high level in surgery and are provided with all the business guidance they need to excel and capture large market share.

Gentle Procedures Clinic offers a unique medical opportunity. Through advanced surgical techniques and turnkey marketing and business programs, we can give physicians the tools they need to significantly improve their lifestyle with less stress, more time, and a better financial return.

Impressive Surgical and Business Experience

Dr. Pollock founded Gentle Procedures Clinic (originally named Pollock Clinics) over 20 years ago. Since then he has gathered an incredible amount of surgical experience having carried out over 35,000 circumcisions and 15,000 vasectomies.

Dr. Pollock also gained critical experience over the last 20 years in understanding the nuances of how to set up, market and grow successful surgical clinics. His desire to share both his surgical and business experience with other physicians led Dr. Pollock to create this opportunity that is being offered to other physicians.

The Program in Detail – What We Bring to the Table

Doctor's Surgical Training

The core or our program is the world-class training on circumcision and vasectomy procedures.

Dr. Pollock and our most experienced affiliated doctors will provide weeks of surgical training and perform procedures with you in their clinic.

Our approach results in accelerated expertise acquisition and our doctors finish training ready to perform surgeries in their own clinic.

You will have an initial training period for either circumcision or no-scalpel vasectomy, with another training session for the second procedure in the first 3 to 6 months with Gentle Procedures.

You will finish your training with an advanced level of skill and technique relative to many of the existing providers in your home market – and you will have ongoing access to a network of peers who are all expert vasectomy and circumcision surgeons.


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Marketing Expertise

You will need patients in order to put your new advanced surgical skills to work. Even before you start training, your marketing program will be underway – starting with market research to determine an optimal pricing strategy for your clinic.

Web Marketing – Key to Growth

As a Gentle Procedures doctor you will benefit from our comprehensive and effective web marketing package. Your localized website and online ads will be up and running a few weeks before you are ready to start operations – so you will open your clinic doors with bookings already coming in.

Gentle Procedures has negotiated an exceptional service level with our approved web marketing vendor. Your online investment will generate a positive ROI very quickly and is a key driver to a fast ramp up of your business.

Key elements include:

  • Fully responsive, mobile adaptive website that will convert site visitors to new client inquires at a high rate. Our web marketing team will build your site from A to Z, in line with the Gentle Procedures standard – fully customized for your clinic and your local market.
  • Ongoing optimization program to bring qualified prospects to your site every day. Activities include an SEO campaign to support your site as well as profiles on social media, doctor review sites, and local directories. You will benefit from our experience in marketing clinics online in markets in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia.
  • Google Ads campaigns will help patients find you easily when they are in the market for a circumcision or vasectomy provider. Ads may also be placed on Facebook and other platforms as appropriate in your market.
  • Web is integral to all our promotional activities, as referral partners will check you out online when they get your referral request letters – and potential clients who hear about you on the radio, in print, or other channels will often go to your website as the first point of contact.

Print and Radio Promotion

Depending on the options available in your market we may help you place ads in magazines, specialized local publications, and/or on local radio. The specific mix will be tailored to your market and its’ opportunities. These channels may be utilized only after your clinic is somewhat established.

We have ads developed for different target groups intended for placement in mainstream or ethnically focussed channels.

Referral Generation Campaign

General practitioners and other physicians will refer patients to your Gentle Procedures Clinic because you will be the local expert and market leader for circumcision and vasectomy procedures.

We will support you in running a mailing campaign to get a referral request letter into the hands of the doctors in your market. Your referral network will grow based on your marketing efforts, and based on your clinic becoming established and known as the local specialist for no-scalpel vasectomy and circumcision for babies, boys, and men of all ages.

Operational Training & Support

Operating Procedures

Your clinic will operate according to our standard procedures, utilizing our full operation platform – right down to detail on how to open your clinic each day. If you will be opening your Gentle Procedures Clinic in a new location our team will offer help in selecting a site.

Phones and Computers

We will offer recommendations on setting up your phone system (including voice mail scripts), EMR selection, and insurer integration (if needed in your market).

No need to reinvent the wheel. Use tried and true technology.

Staff Training

Clinic staff training is also provided.

You may have your lead staff member accompany you when you are training with Dr. Pollock so that they can observe clinic operations and work with his clinic staff as well.

Equipment and Supplies

The equipment and medical supplies need to perform circumcision and vasectomy procedures will be sourced for you. Our experience in operating our clinics will permit us to furnish what you need without unnecessary expense.

Learn how Dr. Pollock has transformed his life both professionally and personally by focusing on these niche surgical procedures

Kevin Christie

After ten years of a very busy, broad based family practice I was burning out. I love medicine, but the pace and stress of general practice was wearing me down. Couple that with the demands of a young family and I was feeling trapped and overwhelmed.

While reflecting on my work-life balance I received a flyer advertising the opportunity with Gentle Procedures. I took a chance and flew across the country to meet Neil. We had dinner together to discuss the business opportunity, and I then spent a day in clinic with Neil to see if the procedures were actually as good as advertised. I was blown away. From the procedures themselves, to the entire Gentle Procedures process of training, launching the business and ongoing support – it is all very thorough and impressive.

So I took the plunge, invested the time and money, and was up and running quickly. I have NO REGRETS. I have learned so much, felt so supported, and have already started to see the benefits in my life. I highly recommend this opportunity. It’s a game changer.