These are precious years and I am so glad that I will be able to look back on them without regret, feeling like I had a great professional career, establishing myself as the expert in my field; but not at the expense of all the people and activities that I loved in my life.
– Dr. Neil Pollock

About Dr. Pollock

Dr. Neil Pollock founded Gentle Procedures Clinic (originally named Pollock Clinics) over 25 years ago, after 5 years of practicing family medicine.

While I really enjoyed family practice, as my young family grew, I wanted and valued more personal time, to be able to enjoy family, hobbies, sport activities and social time with friends.

I really started to see the importance from a life style perspective of developing my focused surgical practice.
– Dr. Neil Pollock

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Developing Expertise in Circumcision and Vasectomy

Dr. Pollock limits his practice to only two surgical procedures which he has practiced and perfected over many years. The first is circumcision and the second is no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy.

20 years ago, before beginning to perform these procedures, Dr. Pollock traveled to many cities in North America researching first-hand what he believed to be all the best techniques used by the most experienced doctors. After carefully studying their most effective strategies, Dr. Pollock put together his own approach to these surgeries, combining the most effective elements of what he learned.

He then further refined the entire process creating what has become known today as “The Pollock Technique™” for circumcision and vasectomy.


The Rewards of Specialization – For Patients and for You

Dr. Pollock is recognized for being a leader and innovator in his surgical area of expertise worldwide. Focus on circumcision and vasectomy procedures permitted him to succeed and thrive.

I was able to cut my hours in half while multiplying my income many times over. After making the change I feel that I am also able to spend all the time I need with patients now without feeling the time pressure I used to feel in family practice. In fact, the more skilled I get in surgery the quicker the procedures are to complete while outcomes continue to improve.

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The Gentle Procedures Opportunity

The Gentle Procedures Clinic program is Dr. Pollock’s way of sharing his success with you. Through our systems and training we can help you to achieve the same kind of success and to become the local super provider for circumcision and vasectomy in your local market – with the associated personal and business results.

All our doctors, whether in Dallas, Montreal, Toronto, or Sydney, Australia, have benefitted above their expectations from their engagement with Gentle Procedures. From the one-on-one surgical training with Dr. Pollock to the ongoing web marketing support, their practices and their lives have been enriched by their involvement with the Gentle Procedures franchise.

Your Next Step

Videos - Dr. Pollock Performing Procedures

See a sample of our video training library with Dr. Pollock performing surgeries.

Newborn Circumcision

Older Child Circumcision

No-Scalpel No-Needle Vasectomy


Graham Lohlun

In 2012 I had by chance heard about Gentle Procedures Clinic while working in a normal GP practice. As most GP’s know, the day to day drive of churning endless patients can take its toll on both mental and physical aspects.

Dr. Pollock and his clinic offered a very special niche in the medical field. Besides the impeccable training, Dr. Pollock has provided continuing support for any situation that may arise.

The franchise has not only opened a new medical opportunity for my career, but allowed me more flexibility to spend with my family. With every week in a growing practice, I feel very fortunate to be part of an organization that offers quality medical service without compromising my own lifestyle