Questions Doctors Ask Us

Will I have my own territory?

Yes, participants in the program will have an exclusive territory. We will only train one doctor per territory.

Where will my training take place and how long will it take?

Training takes place at Dr. Pollock’s own clinic, Pollock Clinics, where over 5,000 procedures in circumcision, vasectomy and frenulectomy are performed each year.

Circumcision (for infants, children, teens and adults) and frenulectomy training generally requires one session/visit over 10 business days. While vasectomy training is two sessions/visits, booked within 4-6 weeks apart. Each vasectomy training session is over 10 business days long (20 days total).

The dates of training can generally be set up at the convenience and preference of the applicant, within reason. Our doctors find the process straightforward and highly beneficial. Through our program, you will receive the opportunity to participate in a significant number of cases. Our goal is to ensure that you effectively learn these procedures and perform them safely on your patients.

We are also happy to assist you with flights, accommodation and transfers to make the process as simple as possible.

Will I need any special equipment for vasectomy and circumcision procedures?

There is some limited equipment needed such as the specialized instruments required in order to perform the two surgeries, sterilization equipment etc. Gentle Procedures will source the necessary equipment and supplies for you.

Will this be a franchise agreement?

Because you will have an exclusive territory and other support related to branding procedures, ongoing marketing support etc. this program is technically called a franchise. However, you will still be operating your own clinic and the ability to determine how much time you plan to dedicate to these procedures.

Will I need to re-brand my existing practice as Gentle Procedures?

Generally, we will apply Gentle Procedures branding wherever possible. Exceptions have been made for doctors with existing branded clinics. In these rare cases, we have continued to use the existing clinic name while implementing the Gentle Procedures training, processes, and marketing package.

For example, our standard Gentle Procedures branded website looks like this.

Our Edmonton doctor (Dr. Graham Lohlun) kept his clinic brand while successfully implementing the Gentle Procedures system. You can see here how we adapted our web marketing package to work in this case.

What’s the next step?

Send us your contact info on the Application form so we can arrange a call for you and Dr. Pollock. He will answer your additional questions and provide full detail on the Gentle Procedures opportunity.

What countries and territories are available?

We currently have doctors in the U.S., Canada, and Australia – and expect to add additional countries in future.

There hundreds of available markets, so please send us your coordinates so we can confirm a territory availability and provide you with additional information.

Can I train on just circumcision, or just vasectomy?

Yes. Some of our doctors perform circumcision only, but we encourage you to consider training on both procedures to maximize your opportunity.

You can start with one procedure and then add a second one to you practice after establishing full expertise with the initial surgery. Our marketing program is modular, so you can advertise a single procedure only initially (and have a single-procedure web site to start with) and then add the second later.

The great majority of our doctors end up performing both circumcision and vasectomy, generally within the first 6 months with us. The best financial model is to offer both procedures as quickly as possible.

Why should I join Gentle Procedures instead of developing my own specialized clinic?

The benefits of being part of the Gentle Procedures network are clear. You will have the best surgical training and support, full operational infrastructure organized for efficiency, and a world-class marketing package delivered by a dedicated and experienced team that has successfully marketed clinics just like yours in diverse markets.

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Mohammad Sharier

After many years of running a general practice I was keen to consider the next step/challenge. Having a young family, I was trying to balance a career whilst making time for the important things in life.

I heard about Dr. Pollock and how he had so successfully developed his niche surgical procedures clinic, exponentially increasing his revenue whilst reducing his hours, and it all sounded too good to be true.

After a little investigation, I took a leap of faith and decided to sign up and go to Canada to meet and train with Dr. Pollock. After a few days of intensive training I returned home to implement the new procedures into my practice and I’m pleased to say that things are going very well and I could not be happier with the outcome.

My revenue has gone up; my reputation as the local expert is being solidified and my work/life balance is improving significantly. Thanks Dr. Pollock for making this unique opportunity available to Australian doctors.

The whole process start to finish was made so simple with your guidance, and with the help of your dedicated staff.