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Learn how Dr. Pollock has transformed his life both professionally and personally by focusing on these niche surgical procedures

Dr. Chang

After my education at Yale, followed by medical school, I was left with six-figures of debt. So, to avoid the rat race I started my medical career doing locums in rural and remote cities throughout Canada. As an life-long urbanite, however, I eventually returned to the city and became limited to working at walk-in clinics and traditional family practice. I was quickly consumed by the pressure to see as many patients as possible at the expense of quality patient care while still feeling underpaid.

Joining Gentle Procedures allowed me to change all of that. I now work at a world-class organization providing two surgical procedures that truly make a difference in patient’s lives. I have received excellent mentorship from Dr. Pollock in medicine, business and in life. I now wake up every morning excited by the challenge of my daily surgical cases and yes even running a business!

I also have had the exciting opportunity to travel to Haiti to train local Haitian physicians in vasectomy, which has garnered tremendous enthusiasm and respect from everyone I know. It allows me to contribute to global health in a way I never thought possible.

If you are just starting your career or in need of a change of pace, do not miss this opportunity.